Dorothy Lam Wong


My interest in photography began in 1988 when my husband, who is an avid photographer, gifted me with a camera, and as added incentive, enrolled with me in a beginning photography class at the Rice Continuing Education Center. Until then, the use of a camera had always intimidated me. I have a natural aversion to all things mechanical, particularly those things which come with long instructions. Photography was to me the showcase of both those talents.
    Much to my surprise, I discovered that the camera actually helped me to be more aware of things which interest me and which evoke strong feelings in me. For example, when I see a flower in the sunlight, sometimes it is not the whole flower that appeals to me but the way the light shines through the petals, revealing its intricate patterns. These little “discoveries” opened up entire new worlds for me.
   I began to see that there is beauty all around and that all we need to do is to take the time to look for it. More important, I began to appreciate that different people look at things differently, that we each have our own unique perspectives and that each of us is creative in our own right. Photography has become a passion for me — a passion for capturing images that move me emotionally, and a passion for sharing my perspective with others.

Group Shows
4W Annual Christmas Show at Kloesch Gallery, Potters Guild and Gallery, Mind Puddles Gallery
Texas City Art Show 2006
Houston Chinese Photographic Society Annual Show (juried)
Beaumont Art League ( , juried)
Houston Center for Photography, juried shows. Participated in print sale and auction.
Texas Art Museum, Port Arthur (juried)
Art League in Clear Lake (juried)
FotoFest 2006 at Mind Puddles
FotoFest 2006 at Houston Potters' Guild

Solo Shows
Michaeline's Restaurant (2000)
Crosslines Galleries (2002)

10th and 15th anniversary commemorative books for the Houston Chinese Photographic Society. Houston. It’s Worth It, a book in publication, Houston Press, Organization of Chinese Americans monthly publication (June 2007).
  Dorothy has two shows at The Methodist Hospital, Houston. "Life in Bloom" is showing September through February 2008 and almost her entire portfolio of flowers is at the Methodist Breast Center. Dorothy is also scheduled to show at the Yacht Club in Kemah in March of 2008. In addition, she will participate in FotoFest 2008 with 4W at Mind Puddles.

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